Project Stories

Project Stories : Capacity Building to Female Migrant Workers regarding Drug Crimes and Human Trafficking in 2022-2023.This project is supported by Global Initiative Transnational Organized Crime (GI-TOC) and Resilience Fund. Nukila Evanty (the Fellow) is conducting advocacy to government institutions and Legal enforcement institutions such as Coordinating Ministry of Cultural and Human Development Affairs (Kemenko PMK); Task Force on Anti Trafficking under Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection; National Commission on Violence against Women-Komnas Perempuan; Indonesia National Police Force, Bareskrim Directorate/Unit of Human Trafficking and Narcotic Crime ; BP2MI or National Agency for Migrant Worker Protection; BNN or Narcotic Crime Eradication Agency; also to conduct workshop and socialization with CSOs and Survivors of these crimes (September -December 2022).

Since 2016, WWG has conducted some activities as follows:

*  advocacy on anti sexual harassment

*   Empowerment of women in agriculture and small and medium enterprises

•Expertise on legislation sensitive to gender

•Capacity building on social and cultural rights of indigenous peoples particularly to women and youth