Women Working Group (WWG) is a leading women advocate that champions gender equality , the education, the health, and rights of women. Our advocacy drives for more political, programmatic, and financial in the lives of women . We harness evidence and unite diverse voices to spark commitment to gender equality.

The Women Working Group (WWG) is a foundation established based on the Minister of Law and Human Rights’ Decree
No AHU-0009330.AH.01.04. year 2018

Has been partner and synergy with stakeholders such as

Ministry of Women Empowerment & Child protection 

Ministry of Communication & Information 

Ministry of Village & disadvantaged Areas

Ministry of Cooperative & SMEs

IPAS International 

University of Kristen Indonesia,  University of Tarumanegara

Our Mission

Is to support women to achieve their full potential and to enable and facilitate women to be more active involvement in education, community life business, employment. We seek to do this by campaign and education on women rights, harnessing the economic power of women and communities, promoting social inclusion, changing perceptions in community and also influencing policy.

WWG is a professional network that supports the commitment  for women empowerment and  achieving gender equality

WWG encourages the creation of a prosperous society that is free from oppression and injustice. It is WWG’s mission to promote women’s rights and facilitate to strengthen the economic and political empowerment of women through research, public education, sustainable development of women’s business groups, policy development, legislative initiatives, effective monitoring and litigation with various partners whose mutual concern  in line with WWG’s vision and mission.